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15th October 2015

All by Myself…
So, did you see my previous post about doing nothing for 2 days and it drove me crazy with Cabin fever? Guess what I did for subsequent 2 days? You guessed it!

I have a new jacket now which I call my “love jacket” because my arms are wrapped around my body and I get to hug myself all day long. Blee!

I’m over egsaterating greatly if I’m honest, wasn’t that bad at all. It was very nice of change of scenery to break the monotony and was vastly surprised at there were only 2 of us on the first day and I was alone on the second where for the last half hour I was literally a blur in deep-background passing a window which a crew member could’ve done in contemporary clothes as it was literally 6″ squared.

At this point the only person I’m feeling sorry is you, the reader. I don’t know why you’re here if you stumbled here by accident or you’re just my mum refreshing the page 80 times a day to make it look like I’m getting regular fans but if you are the latter; I apologize for breaking the illusion that the TV and Film industry is a glamorous and wonderfully, exciting world. It can be sometimes, but more often than not if you’ve worn one set of chain-mail, you’ve worn them all, if you’ve worn one monster suit you’ve worn them all, if you’ve gone nude… Well… Ummm…

Anyways, the point I’m making is that I was actually asked to write these blogs by a few people so they can get an insight into, and I quote, my “wonderful and exciting” career which, well, sometimes isn’t.

Again, I know I keep saying this because I am very grateful and privileged to be in this profession rather than a typical 9-5 but at the end of the day I am a professional. I go on set with a professional attitude, I remain calm and aware in front of the camera and when relaxing I endeavor to be courteous but more often end up flirting outrageously with everyone. This job can be fun, it can be exciting, but I don’t go to set to do something entertaining. I walk onto set, do a job, do it well then go home.

I do wish to tell you more details of the fun stuff that does happen but NDA (non-disclosure agreements) withhold me from going into specifics unless I want to be sued to buggery, but this week has been a very rare boring one and I’m sorry I can’t tell you more.

Still, back with Disney tomorrow. Let’s see if we can end this week with a bang.

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