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9th November 2015

Everything is Awesome!

I’m back doing my servant-thang for Disney today. My costume is developing some wear and tear and doubt it’ll last very long. It was the same one I wore last year, but in between the seasons I think it must’ve been used for something else as this year it’s evidently it’s been adjusted as there’s bits of material missing from where it’d normally get fastened up at the back. So now not only is it substantially tighter, I’ve had to been sewn into it and cut out of the costume.

Every. Damn. Day.

This doesn’t bother me so much but as I said it is starting to wear down slightly. Especially as the poor girls having to sew me into it which is taking increasingly longer day by day as the fabric is beginning to deteriorate.

The day I had on set was AWESOME. I really can’t go into too much detail as a) I don’t like giving away spoilers and b) for professionalism I don’t blabber about the plot until it’s aired as it is a sackable offence. But I can say I had two walk-ons in two different scenes.

One was a simple thing, being beckoned by an actor I like and used to watch on a regular basis with my family growing up. The second scene was even better as I was asked to react to being scolded by an actress who’ve I’ve really come to admire, not just for her talent as an actress but also because she is really genuinely lovely. So a few takes were done from different angles, including a close-up of myself where I had to “act” (I do not consider myself an actor at all!). My colleague who I’ve been paired with since day 1 was given a scripted line during the scene which was equally awesome and as he ended by the monitors during each take. He let me in that the producers/director was laughing at my reaction each take which I was grateful for and removed all my paranoia that I was doing a bad job.

Once the scene was complete, the lead actress approached me, patted me on the shoulder with a “well done” which I found very humbling and honestly made me admire her even more. So yeah, a super-awesome day. Going to be sad when this production comes to an end.

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