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28th October 2015

The Last Day

Today we arrived on that infamously muddy production and we were greeted by the news that this would be the last big crowd scene for the series, and what a glorious day it was. Apart from the funeral however.

Two of the other guards were selected for a scene which involved flirting with two hand maidens which I was quite gutted about not being selected for as for once I thought that was a role I was perfect for because of… reasons…

Quickly changing the subject (ahem) whilst everyone was filming those scenes we were left to our own devices with morale extrodiarially high in comparison to latter dates. Almost ironic how the majority of people were saying how much they enjoyed their time on the show and can’t wait to see if there’s a Season 2.

In a way, I think that’s what it’s like being an SA. We moan about every slight niggle or issue that occurs, criticise all sorts of different aspects and how they could be improved from “our point of view”, but ultimately we all come back to it and majority of the time we do thoroughly enjoy our job.

There were quite a few people taking photos of each other in large groups with beaming smiles and even a mock peasants revolt with the guards swords for the sake of nostalgia and mementos of their time on this production.

I should point out also that it is against pretty much every productions policy against posting pictures of yourself in costume online before the show has aired as it’s essentially classed as “leaks” or “spoilers”. So there are a few who’ll wait until that fated day to declare to the world how they were a part of it or how much fun they had.

Me however, I use these photos as my C.V. Like the worlds most boring slide show of a man travelling through history/science fiction. It’s got me work as well. Had a vague casting for people that “could pass as a knight of nobility”. So along with the compulsory headshot I sent along every picture of me in chain mail/period clothing from about 5 different productions with the vague connotations of “so what are you looking for?” In retrospect I think I’m quite lucky that my appearance is so versatile.

In other news, one more gig and I’ll have exactly 30 individual productions to my name which is pretty cool. Which I’ve got going for me which is nice, and it’s going to be a big one!

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