The Lost Symphony

2nd September 2015

I’ve been working on this track intermittently whilst working on set for a few months now. The reason I never really sat and finished it sooner is partly because it was one of those mess-around with tempo changes and throwing 5/4 bars into 4/4 bar ideas kind of deal and also only really as I only edited it on set. Which, lets face it with the temperamental nature of the TV industry, I’m not guaranteed to get a lot of time to properly sit down and get in the zone.

But the other day was one of those rarities where I could sit down and go into my own little world and embellish all those little ideas and I got quite far as you can tell. This isn’t actually the finished version, but it is the final version as unfortunately disaster struck.


I was called back onto set so I quickly saved my progress, closed my laptop shut and went back to set. When I came back the soundbanks in the Kontakt player removed themselves. All 18 channels. I still had the MIDI information in the DAW and I could technically just load in some new sounds, but frankly re-going through all the panning and levels for a track which I consider a just something I play around with seems like too much effort.

The track does get a little repetitive towards the end as you can kind of imagine I’d have more going on there over the minor 3rd key changes. But considering the sounds got lost due to a silly error, I hope you like this track in it’s not finished, but unfortunately final form. Enjoy!

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