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My Year Recap

31st December 2015

So hear me out before you you assume this is a standard “New Year, New Me” post which is quite often an annual trend on social media.

People often refer to me as an “awkward person to buy for“. Especially at Christmas and more so recently as it’s my 30th birthday in just over 2 months. But the truth is this:

I have everything I want.

I have a loving, supportive family who put up with my adolescent ambitions, I have awesome friends whom ironically 90% of our bonding is established on insult-based humor, I have more guitars than I have time to play, I have work colleagues who I am proud of their achievements on film and am honored to call them my mates and above all, my job: I love it.

I can wake up at 3am and think “ugh, another day. Yipee!” This year alone I’ve worked on many terrestrial TV channels such as the BBC and SKY I’ve lost count, on huge American TV shows for ABC/Disney, FOX and even (literally) rubbed shoulders with Hollywood A-listers on big-blockbuster movies which I’m still not yet allowed to divulge. The only regret I may have is turning down the Star Wars. 8 times. Oops!

So all-in-all, I don’t care if I’m perceived as awkward. I don’t want a “New Year, New Me” as in truth I am happy with everything in my life and have everything that I want .

Apart from Jennifer Lawrence.

Seriously, I’d give one of my legs and my left testicle to be with her. But that’s another story.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

Happy New Year!

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