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9th October 2015

Going Do-Lally

Now it’s not uncommon to be on set all day and never be used. I have mentioned this in previous posts and has happened to me occasionally over my nigh-on 10 year career.

But it’s even more of a rare occurrence not to be used on the same production for two days on the trot. Well. I should’ve bought a lottery ticket because this happened.

Now, I am FAR from complaining. In fact I generally relish in the fact I am in a calm, quiet atmosphere and get to do my own thing, but everyone’s different. Some people kill time by reading books, some people just sit there and natter whilst others catch a naughty 50-winks or even go as far as ranting about they’re not doing anything.
Yes that’s right. People actually complain about being paid to sit down, drink free tea/coffee and relax. It’s true what they said about the British; we can ALWAYS find something to complain about.

Now, when you join up with an agency they tell you to bring a book (books are recommended as some productions are super-strict regarding phones/electronic devices, especially the high-profile ones) or something to keep you occupied as they can be long days with a lot of potential waiting around. It is literally the name of the game.
As I said, I’ve been doing this enough to keep myself entertained. I have my laptop for writing music, I’ve got my phone for internet/playing Final Fantasy 8 (just hit disc 2, soooo goood!) and I know a few people who I’m friendly enough with who I can chat to if I’m feeling social.

But on this occasion for some reason I actually lost the friggin’ plot altogether. I honestly went out of my mind. This was the day where I was working on Break It and lost my progress which may have been a catalyst for me going do-lally. Looking back on the moments I think it must’ve been Cabin Fever or something; being in the same spot, same room, same costume and same people for a combined total of 26 hours really wore me out. It was the strangest sensation of like my body felt vibrant and wanting to run a marathon whilst my brain was exhausted and was watching said marathon on the TV in it’s jogging bottoms, scruffy t-shirt and a tub of Ben and Jerrys. But ultimately ended up falling asleep, drooling onto the sofa whilst the ice-cream congealed into a sticky pool on the floor and my body kept hitting the runners-wall intermittently starting fights with it’s own limbs.

Well, the next two days I’m on a different production then back here the day after. SO with a bit of luck the change of scenery and the lie-in due to shorter commute will regain some of my sanity.

If not and you find me butt-naked up Pen-Y-Fan whittling forks and calling them “my babies”, you know why.

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  • Chris 10th October 2015 at 6:56 pm

    Surely not!