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7th October 2015

Today was yet another long day, especially for it’s second half where we were left to our own devices waiting to be used. The first half was very entertaining indeed.

It was, again, another musical number with two principles singing about their differences. My job was to hold a tray for the leading lady to approach then unveil the dish whilst reciting her lines, then I had to back out of there sharpish to make room for a few of the other girls who were cast as hand maidens who then draped a silk scarf around her neck. Pretty simple stuff really and a nice little featured walk-on, winning!

The only issue was, even though the food I had on the tray was real, it’s literally given a varnish coating similar to what you’d use on your floors to make it look more appealing and shine off the floor lights and some of this “glaze”, if you will, managed to get on the front of my tunic during the wide shot leaving a nice big, visible patch which looked like I’d clumsily spilt my breakfast down myself like a slob. But now they were setting up for the close up and this stain would be visible. VERY visible.

The costume girls scrubbed and tried various things to no avail and time was of the essence as they were literally ready to shoot. They couldn’t replace me as I was already established and I was sewn into my costume. Luckily, I managed to cheat the positioning of said tray, lifting it higher and closer my chest, covering the stain completely. Just hope the difference isn’t too noticeable in post-production but knowing my luck it’d just be a quick flash shot and I’m worrying over nothing.

I know my mum would have a go at me for having a food-related stain at the dinner table, I’m petrified what she’d do if it’d gone on national television!

One thing that struck me about the song they were singing was how the other gent was singing about how much he loves eating meat. Considering his character is aggressive and a fan of violence I couldn’t help but wonder if I should be worried that I’m essentially relating to the bad guy of the show?

I’ll think about it some more tomorrow morning. After my full English breakfast. Hold the tomatoes and mushrooms. God damn I love food…

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