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17th September 2015

Everybody Dance Now!

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I got asked back to be an SA for a second season on a production where I was a crew member in the first. Well, my costume fit was the other day, the hair-girls love my beard and had endless amounts of fun styling it into spikes and so I rock up to day one!

Now admittedly, I am gutted I’m not a member of the crew this year. This is through no fault of my own, for whatever reason someone made the decision to not have any stand-ins for the principles this year. But still I’m glad to be back as a wave of nostalgia hits me everytime I greet a familiar face. Like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. If you don’t get that reference you’re too young. Just saying. Admittedly most of my time chatting to old friends consisted of me either explaining how I don’t know why I’m not crew on this one, how much of a shame it is what jobs all the others have gone off to instead. Still great to see them and be back though.

The one difference I miss instantly is the light weight missing from my right hip where my hand used to rest on my radio. It is a surreal experience to be back to a job I loved and enjoyed, but not being in the know anymore or being lesser than my once-were peers as I’m now “just an SA”, not to mention also missing out on the gossip and hilarious inside/running jokes which happen over the AD channel. But regardless, a jobs a job and best I know my place and crack on!

The day was tedious (13 hour day in the end!) and my boots still needed some alterations in terms of sock-to-foot ratio but that’d come with experimentation and time. The day wasn’t taxing, just a few crosses and wipes past camera now and again but what did throw me was the impromptu dance number.

Yes. You ready that correctly.

We were all placed in 4 rows without any prior warning infront of the choreographer who promptly introduced himself followed quickly by “ok, so the first move is…”

Talk about being thrown into the deep end.

I’d never classify myself as a dancer at all, even though I have danced on productions in the past and was very thankful the moves were simple enough. Although some guys did struggle with the notion that you start dancing on an anacrusis (beat before the actual start of the bar if you will). Some swapping and changing was also required as some of the older gents couldn’t quite keep up with some of the footwork and kicking. All whilst still with the expectation to have massive smiles and miming along to the words which for such little notice is not as easy as you’d think. Still a fun (and long) day was had by all. 3 more days next week. Hope my feet can keep up if there’s more dancing to come.

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