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11th October 2015

Taking The Plunge

In a previous post, I briefly explained (moreso, ranted) about how it’s not financially viable to quit your permanent day job for one day of SA work due to the unpredictable nature of the industry. Today, however, I am equally eager, nervous, excited and privileged (and somewhat hypocritical) to be in a position where my demand for SA work has surpassed the need for a part-time job.
With that, I have decided to take the gambit. By the time this blog has gone live, I would have already handed my notice to my employer, completed my last day with them and become a full-time Supporting Artiste.
This decision was not easy one at that. I have calculated that income I have owing to me should tie me over for a few months but still the paranoia is there relying on unpredictable income to live off. Although I would have never made such a drastic change for any one production, but the fact that several productions hold me high in demand is a real privilege and to be perfectly frank, somewhat surreal.
But as I said, it’s sensible business decision as these productions will be running til at least January 2016. I will miss my part-time job. It’s very rare to work in a sales environment where the staff and customers are pleasant and having a great manager. Not to mention as it’s classed as a second job, I get taxed a flat 20% straight off the top regardless of how much I worked. Nice work HMRC… Regardless, it’s reached a point where not 1, not 2, but FIVE productions are after me and they’re opportunities I cannot afford to miss.
So this is me. Taking the plunge. Who knows, I’ll probably be on the street in a few months time holding a sign which reads “Will meander on camera for food” but hopefully not. So wish me luck, cross your fingers for me, pray for any deity you believe in for me and with a bit of luck I’ll be the ambiguous blur on your TV for years to come.

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