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31st December 2015

At A Moments Notice

I’ve often described the nature of this business as a “last minute occurrence” and I don’t think many people realise how literal that can be at times.

For example today I woke up expecting a nice relaxing day off, do some paperwork play some games maybe? Until I saw an urgent casting on my agents Facebook page which, long story short went:

Who can make it to Roath Lock within the hour?

Considering I live 20 minutes away, I rang the office and they told me to make my way there ASAP.

I took an assortment of casual clothes but apparently I was fine as I was and taken to set where they’d setup an Indian restaurant on Valentine’s day where I sat at a table with my ‘date’.

I got envious as the other ‘couple’ next to us were given proper curry to eat during the take and I didn’t have a chance to eat the poppadoms and dip they put in front of me as they only did one take. In total I was there a grand total of 2 hours and got a full day’s pay out of it, result!

The coincidence of the next day was laughable; the office rang me to ask how quickly I could get to Roath Lock (again) but for a different production and lo and behold another (quite literal) last-minute booking. Luckily I still had a selection of casual clothes in my carry-bag from the previous day meaning all I had to do was freshen up and head straight out the door.

Admittedly, this day wasn’t as interesting as previous in terms of what we were doing on camera, just a basic meandering around in the background day. But nonetheless quite a few of my friends were there who I hadn’t seen in ages so it was great to catch up and get into the aged old “so what have you got lined up?” trope.

Me? As a massive comic book fan I had my first movie lined up based on a comic which I was looking forward to in that regard, but know it’s going to be a long-ass day so copious amounts of coffee is going to be required…

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