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5th November 2015

The Inconvenience of Time

So, in my last post I mentioned that I had a call up for an extremely coveted production which I’ve had to turn down multiple times in the past.

Well, on this occasion I COULD do it, hurray! The costume fitting was on a Friday and filming dates were the following Monday and Tuesday. The problem that occurred was I had a guaranteed booking on that Friday with a production who had really looked after me and I didn’t want to let them down. As I couldn’t do the fit, therefore by default not considered to do the filming.


I managed to sweet-talk my agency to still consider me as they were both Disney productions (everyone loves that mouse) and they said they’d still consider me.

On the day of the Friday, was doing my usual servant duties. Not much to report bar a fun little scene but the drama started at 11a.m. when the 2nd A.D. approached us and said:

I’ve just looked at the call sheet, you’re not going to be needed for the afternoon so we’re planning to wrap you at lunch…

Wrap… at 12p.m? Wait… I… Could still make the fitting?!?!?

<<insert panicked scream>>

With the news I frantically searched for my phone through my layers of costume, running outside desperately trying to get signal to ring my agent.

Alas, the fittings had been filled and I was not required. It seems that The Force is not strong with me…

Oh well, maybe it’ll be 9th time the charm?

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