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7th December 2015

Goodbyes and Man-Love

Today was the golden wrap day on the Disney production I’ve had the honour of working with for it’s second series and even though tensions were high, there was a fun and electric atmosphere.

The majority of the commotion was about the shoot moving to Morocco in a weeks time and certain members of the crew somewhat perplexed that they weren’t invited but we had to get this day out of the way first!

Now I can’t discuss what I was doing on the day as it’d involve giving away somewhat massive spoilers but what I talk about is a scene where I was asked to improvise.

It’s funny because me and my colleague who’ve been a recurring theme as we’d always be in pairs since day one have always joked about our characters having sexual tension between them and even laughed at how funny it’d be if they gave us a romantic subplot throughout the entirety of the main story.

Which in fact came into fruition as we were setup for a clean shot of us both on a balcony overseeing events going down to then be told this is a romantic moment so J come over to me and hold my hand to get caught up in the moment below. So the director called action and J made his way beside me and I attempted to look sheepishly as he held my hand looking over the balcony still.

Try hugging him!

Beckoned the director, to which we both gazed into each others eyes and wrapped our arms around each other, trying desperately to hold in the hysterics.

Now kiss!

How I held my composure at this point, I do not now. Half-expecting J to give me a full-on smack on the lips, I attempted to stare lovingly into his eyes, still holding back the laughter. That’s when he held my hand and pecked me on my knuckles like Mr. Darcy to his Jane Austin would greet. I attempted to act shocked then when incredibly bashful, coyly hiding my head into my shoulder.

That is when the director called cut and when I could not withhold the laughter anymore. To my surprise and reassurance the whole room was with me including the producers and director so despite my reservations I think we did a good job. Admittedly, we only had that one shot to go on and they swiftly moved on and was disappointed we didn’t get the opportunity to improvise more ideas.

Still, really wishing it makes it to the final cut. But only time will tell!

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