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18th November 2015

No Underpants and Cabbages

Well remember when I said the last crowd day was complete on a previous post? Well, you know what they say; never say never! Or more so not only was in NOT the last day, we got confirmation that this was definitely 100% THE last day filming on the production.

Which was a shame as it finally hit me that I won’t be on this production again, unless they do a second series which I tend not hold my breath for to avoid disappointments. But I think that’s generally sods law; the part you really want the most you won’t get, but then on the other hand I’ve had some amazing roles this year which a few people have confessed their jealousy so I guess it what goes around comes around.

The day was long and tiresome as it was a midday call which then would lead into a night shoot. The conditions were in our favor for a change and everyone was in a chipper mood, which I think is rather a universal thing as we know we have to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

The main story which everyone was enthralled in was the beach scenes they had done last week which I was not privy to as I couldn’t make one day (boo!) where a guy had rocked up to set without underwear.

Now, whether this is your personal preference, I don’t care and it’s frankly none of my business. But if you turn up to a job where not only do you have to wear clothes which someone else provides for you, but in an environment where you change in the company of several people including a plethora of costume ladies who check the continuity of said clothing as you’re getting changed. You should wear underpants out of at least courtesy. So we were having a good chuckle about that, considering the gent didn’t come back after the first day claiming a “bad knee”. Even though we were pretty sure it was about being spat out by a ballistic 5ft 6″ costume girl.

The rest of the shoot went quite smoothly, there was no tea or coffee facilities for the SA’s so we were given permission to use the facilities if the crews craft truck so was fairly content loading up on latte’s and the cheeky Twix.

After one scene, the director called everyone around and congratulated everyone on their hard work with a few funny anecdotes towards a few of the actors. Including giving some nearby prop-cabbages as awards for hard-work earned which doesn’t sound like much but was pretty damn funny at the time.

The crew was very upbeat as well, some were looking forward to having some time off after spending 4 months away from socializing whilst others had jobs they were jumping straight into. Whatever they were up to, everyone was great to work with and best of luck to them. Now we cross our fingers and hope for a second season in the new year!

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